League Constitution
July 20th, 1997
Revised April 2nd, 2024



1.1  League Definition

The Internet Simulation Football League (ISFL) is a play-by-electronic mail Action PC Football league.  The ISFL is a continuous ownership league using the Action PC football computer game.  The ISFL was officially established July 18th, 1997. Starting with the 2000 ISFL season, we officially switched from Strat-O-Matic to Action PC Football.

1.2  Constitution

The ISFL is governed by this constitution.

Members may submit proposals for changes to the constitution to the league Commissioner.  The Commissioner then distributes the proposed changes to the membership for a vote to be taken immediately following the playoffs. A member may vote for or against a proposal, or he may abstain.   Any changes to the constitution must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the non-abstaining membership, and by at least a majority of the total membership.  When voting on contradicting amendments, a vote may also be cast for preference of amendment, should more than one amendment pass.  Such amendments will be clearly marked in the ballot.

The Commissioner shall edit the Constitution for spelling, grammar, and overall consistency after each vote.  The Commissioner shall distribute the proposed edits to the League.  If any League member disputes the need for an edit, that edit will be tabled until it can be brought to a vote.

1.3  League Membership

There will be at most 28 franchises in the ISFL.  Each franchise will be allowed one vote on any item brought to a vote of the membership.  Members may leave the league in good standing provided that they provide adequate time for the league to find a new member to take ownership of their team.

The ISFL will allow for an unlimited number of associate members.  Associate members will not be allowed to vote but will receive the league mailings. In the event of an owner leaving the league before a new member is chosen an associate member will be selected to be the interim owner of that team until a full member is chosen.  An associate member will also be selected to play games for a member should a member be unavailable to play his team's games for an extended period of time.

New members will be selected from the list of associate members based on games played for league members.  If there are an equal number of games played by given associates, associates will be chosen based on seniority.  The League Commissioner shall ask the selected associate if the associate would like to change to full member status.  If the associate does desire full membership, the associate will become a full member and assume ownership of the available team.  If the selected associate does not desire full membership at this time, the next associate member will be selected, until the associate membership list is exhausted.  If no associate members desire to become full members, the League Commissioner shall advertise on the Action PC mailing list and forum for new members.

1.4  League Officers

The ISFL will have the following officers: Commissioner, League President, Statistician, Mailing List Administrator, Web-Site Administrator, and a three-member Review Board.

1.4.1  Commissioner  (Mark McNeil)

The ISFL Commissioner shall serve a life term on a voluntary basis.  The Commissioner can be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of the league membership.  A new Commissioner must then be elected by the league membership.

The duties of the Commissioner include:

-  Responsibility for the ISFL schedule.  This includes producing and distributing the ISFL schedule by March 1 as well as decisions regarding making up postponed games.

-  Overseeing the annual free agent draft in May.

-  Producing and distributing the weekly ISFL newsletter.

-  Distributing proposed constitution changes to the league members and overseeing voting on constitution changes.

-  Serving on the review board as necessary.

1.4.2  League President  (Mark McNeil)

The league president will have such powers as given by the commissioner and will act in the commissioner's stead should he be unavailable at any time.

1.4.3  The Review Board  (Don Antonelli, Hank Sienzant, Ed Minshull; Alternates - Jeff Shelton, Ashton Ewing)

The Review Board consists of three members appointed by the ISFL Commissioner. The Review Board members serve a one-year term of office.

The duties of the Review Board include:

-  Ruling on all protests submitted by league members.

When a trade is protested the league president will convene the Review Board and help them obtain all information necessary from all parties involved (the protester and two teams making the trade).  The Board will then consider all of this information and rule on whether the trade is detrimental to the good of the league or not.  Trades may only be overturned for reasons of competitive imbalance or if one team has been proven to have acted outside the letter or spirit of the rules.  In a case where a review member is involved in the trade under protest the league president will take his spot on the Board.  If more than one member is involved the commissioner will also sit on the board so that there are always three members to make a decision.  A trade can only be overturned by a unanimous decision of the review board.

1.4.4 Statistician   (Mark McNeil)

The Statistician is appointed by the ISFL Commissioner and serves until removed from said position by the ISFL Commissioner.  In any matters concerning rosters, the league files or game results the Statistician has power equal to the Commissioner or League President, so any request he may make of an owner should be honored as they would be if they came from the Commissioner or League President.

Duties of the Statistician include:

-  Maintaining the ISFL statistics database.

-  Reporting any illegal appearances by players to the Commissioner and Review Board, as well as both team owners in which the illegal event occurred.

1.4.5  Mailing List Administrator   (Mark McNeil)

The Mailing List Administrator is appointed by the ISFL Commissioner and serves until removed from said position by the ISFL Commissioner.

Duties of the Mailing List Administrator include:

-  Doing what is fit to maintain ISFL mailing list.

1.4.6  Web-Site Administrator   (Mark McNeil)

The Web-Site Administrator is appointed by the ISFL Commissioner and serves until removed from said position by the ISFL Commissioner.

Duties of the Web-Site Administrator include:

-  Doing what is fit to maintain Web pages conducive to dispersing ISFL information.

1.5  Teams, Divisions, Cities, Stadiums, and Nicknames

The ISFL consists of at most 28 teams divided into two conferences.  Each owner retains the NFL name of the team, from year to year.

Teams may switch Conferences by petitioning the Commissioner.  The Commissioner will recommend to the League which teams will switch. Any realignment must be agreed upon by two-thirds of the existing teams, and unanimously by all teams actually being realigned.

1.6 League Requirements

All league members are required to purchase the most recent version of the Action PC football game and must be able to use email and a zipping program.


2.1  Regular Season

The ISFL will play a 17 game schedule provided by the Commissioner.  Opening day will be one week prior to opening day for the NFL and should finish the season right before Christmas.  The playoffs will then commence the Tuesday following New Years Day.  The schedule will be based on the NFL schedules for 1992-1994 when the league had 28 teams broken into divisions like the ISFL currently is.  There will be a bye week for each team built into the schedule as well.

The league will strictly enforce late contacts with home teams being required to email their opponent and CC the league president by Tuesday of each week during the regular season and visiting teams being required to respond to their opponent and the league president no later than Wednesday of each week.  Teams who are late, get a warning the first time, lose a 5th round pick the second time, a 4th round pick the third time, a 3rd round pick the fourth time (lost picks are cumulative) and if there is a fifth time (that's a third of your games) you will lose your team.

If by Wednesday, you have not heard from you from team you are playing you will contact Mark McNeil. He will contact the other team. If there is a sub needed you will contact the sub admin who will send out an email asking for volunteers. If you are an NFC team, we will try to find an AFC team to play don’t want teams subbing that could affect a playoff race. But in the end the most important thing will be playing the games head to head not SIMMING the games. The following a rewards for subbing to help promote hth play:

1. If you sub 1 time during the season you get an extra at end of the round 8th round pick.
2. If you sub 2 times during the season you get an extra 7th round pick. No 8th rd pick.
3. If you sub 3 times during the season you would get an extra 6th round pick. No 7th rd pick.
4. If you sun 4 times during the season you would get an extra 5th round pick No 6th rd pick.
5. If you sub 5 or more times you get an extra 4th round and 8th round pick.

This is a head to head league.  If you join and only want to do the drafting and let a sub or the computer manager play your games this league is not for you.  The following penalties have been put in place:

If you miss five hth games you lose a fourth round pick

If you miss six hth games a third  round pick

If you miss seven hth games or more consider dropping out and expect to talk with the commissioner at the end of the season.


The ISFL week will be as follows:
Monday - League Files Dispersed by the League Statistician
Tuesday - Home team must contact road team by 11:00 pm Eastern time
Wednesday - Visiting team must reply to home team or send computer coach by  11:00 pm Eastern time.
Monday - All games must be reported by 10:00 pm Eastern time

Face-to-face (FTF) play is required and all efforts should be made to play games in this way. Teams are not required to send their opponent a computer coach for FTF games, though it can make it easier to have your platoons ready for the game.

Any and all tiebreakers required to determine order of finish at the end of the ISFL season will be determined in the same manner as the NFL.

2.2  Post Season Schedule

The ISFL playoffs will consist of 7 teams in each conference, 3 division winners and 4 wildcard teams that are the next 4 best teams by record regardless of division.  The top division winner will get a bye in the wildcard round of the playoffs and the other two division winners will always have a home game in that round.  There will be an off-week between the Championship games and the Super Bowl to allow for injuries and fatigue to heal up.  The Super Bowl site each year will be determined by the NFL's Super Bowl site for the prior NFL season.


3.1  Eligibility

All position players rated by Action PC football are eligible for ISFL active rosters.  Also, teams may keep uncarded players on their roster but must use a roster spot (Active or Reserve List) to do so.

3.2  Roster

3.2.1  Active Roster

Each team is limited to an active roster of 49 players and must have one backup at each position at a minimum.  The exceptions to this rule are the special teams positions of punter, place kicker, long snapper and holder, of which you must have at least one of each.

There is a minimum usage requirement for skill positions as follows for pass attempts, rushing attempts and pass catches for each team:

Pass Attempts - 300 minimum per team (includes anyone with a pass attempt)
Rush Attempts - 250 minimum per team (includes anyone with a rush attempt)
Pass Catches - 175 minimum per team (includes anone with a catch)

3.2.2  Special Teams Requirements

Kick Return and Punt Return Limits

Any player with 10+ real life Kick Returns can be used as an unlimited Kick Returner during the season.
Any player with 5-10 real life Kick Returns and < 22 ypr, < 50 yard long and 0 TDs can be used as an unlimited Kick Returner during the season.

Any player who is not Unlimited as defined above can only be used for his real life amount plus 25% (for example, if a player had 8 KR in real life, he can use 10 during the ISFL season).

Any player with 10+ real life Punt Returns can be used as an unlimited Punt Returner during the season.
Any player with 5-10 real life Punt Returns and < 8 ypr, < 30 yard long and 0 TDs can be used as an unlimited Punt Returner during the season.

Any player who is not Unlimited as defined above can only be used for his real life amount plus 25% (for example, if a player had 4 PR in real life, he can use 5 during the ISFL season).

3.2.3  Reserve List

Each team may carry a Reserve List squad of up to 3 players.  To be eligible for the Reserve List a player must have played 3 or less games in the past NFL season.  Players on the Reserve List do not count against the 49 man active roster.  Once placed on the Reserve List a player must stay on there for the entire season and is not eligible to play in any games during that season or the playoffs.  Players on the Reserve List must be designated by the preseason cut deadline and once a player is placed on the Reserve List the owner can not change his mind.  Players on the Reserve List can be traded but MUST go on the Reserve List of the team that is gaining that player and the team receiving him must have an open slot for him (ie 2 or less players on their Reserve List or trading one Reserve List player for another).

3.2.4  Uncarded Players

Any eligible player who does not have a rating for the current season may be kept on the Active Roster or Reserve List indefinitely.

3.3  Roster Moves

All roster moves during the regular season must be made before week 10.  Roster moves made during the off season may be made at any time.

3.3.1  Trades

Trades may be made from April 1st of each year (or such a time thereafter that the commissioner is able to disseminate the new ratings to the league) until the deadline for week 10.  

All owners involved in a trade must notify the Commissioner of the trade via the game report during the regular season and via electronic mail during the off season.

Any league member may protest a trade between two teams based on fairness of compensation in the trade.  To protest a trade, a league member must send to the Commissioner, Review Board, and the teams involved in the trade an explanation of why the league member feels the trade was unfair.  Protests must be filed by 10:59 p.m. EST (11:59 p.m. EDT) on the Monday following the Tuesday that the ISFL Newsletter reports the trade being protested.  The Review Board shall request information from the teams involved in the trade as necessary.  A unanimous vote on the protest by the Review Board voids the trade.  All regular season trade protests must be filed within 24 hours of the current newsletter being released.  During the offseason all protests must be filed within 4 days of the trade being confirmed through the mailing list.  Once a trade is under protest, all assets involved are frozen until the review board makes their decision.

All trades are final, pending protests, and all player compensation shall change hands at the time of the trade.  Draft choice compensation may be conditional, and future considerations are allowed, but conditions of the future considerations must be announced at the time of the trade.

Owners may trade draft picks in round 1 through 8 for the current season and in round 1 through 13 for the 2024 season.   The next seasons picks will not be tradeable until the completion of the current years draft (example - from the end of the 2022 draft until the end of the 2023 draft, only 2023 and 2024 draft picks are tradeable, 2025 draft picks will be tradeable when the 2023 draft ends). 

3.3.2  New Owner Trading and Draft Picks

All trades from new owners will be reviewed by the league review board for one calendar year from the date that they join the league.

Any team that gets a new owner from the end of the previous seasons draft up through the beginning of the next offseason will have their team reviewed by the league review board. The review board will make recommendations on which teams are missing draft picks AND have an honest need for those draft picks for the continued health of that franchise. The Commissioner will then award said team(s) draft picks after each round in which this team owns no draft picks (if they own a pick from another team in a round, then that round is not considered). These picks will NOT be tradeable and may only be used to select players in the draft.

3.3.3  Setting of Players to N/A

Players will NOT be allowed to be set to N/A by owners during the season until they have either clinched a playoff spot or in weeks 16-18, whichever comes first, so that injuries will work as they are supposed to and teams will not be able to circumvent them, sitting players against teams they want to rather than letting injuries determine when players will miss games.  Injuries are meant to make the game more difficult and realistic so teams need to make smart roster decisions, draft picks and trades and anything that allows a team to circumvent them is against the spirit of the game.


4.1  Definition of a Free Agent

A free agent is a player rated in the newest version of the game who is not on the Active Roster or Reserve List of any team in the league.

4.2  Free Agent Draft

The ISFL shall hold a free agent draft supervised by the Commissioner after each season.

4.2.1 Draft Format

By February 1st, the Commissioner will send the draft order for the free agent draft to all league members.  The initial draft order will be determined by a draft lottery for all non-playoff teams and then by NFL rules for the playoffs teams (tiebreakers per NFL rules).

The lottery will determine the first 3 picks of the draft, and the Draft Order will then follow the rules above for the rest of round 1 and all rounds after.  The last place team will receive 16 'chances' with the other non-playoff teams receiving 15, 14, 13, ... all the way down to 1 chance for the team with the 16th worst record.  The first three picks of the draft are determined and then the rest of the teams fall into their original order.

On or about May 1st the league president shall post a schedule for the entire draft.  Teams will make 28 picks per day between 11 am and 6 pm with a 15 minute limit.  Anyone who is skipped needs to make up their pick before drafting begins the next day at 10 am.  Supplemental picks will be made by draft lists with times to be determined by the commissioner.

Before the draft, all teams are required to cut to 36 players, and then will have to draft back to 49 players.

Teams will draft until they have at least 49 players on their active roster  and will be allowed to use all of their picks even if that will take them over 49 players.  Any team over the 49 man limit will have to cut down to that limit before the season begins.

During the supplemental portion of the regular draft, teams who have 45 or less players will continue to make selections until the are at 49 players and they are not allowed to cut any players.  Teams who have 46 to 49  players will be allowed to cut up to 4 players to partake in the supplemental rounds of the draft. 

For example if you have 49 players, you can cut and pick up to 4 players (once you pass you are done drafting).
If you have 48 players you make 1 pick, then you can cut up to 3 players and pick 3 more, and so on for 47 and 46 players.

Teams with 50 or more players will not have any supplemental picks.

The players released during this supplemental portion of the regular draft will go back into the draft and will be available during the supplemental rounds.

4.2.2 Eligible Players for Free Agent Draft

Any player rated in the Action PC football computer game is eligible to be drafted provided he does not belong to another ISFL team.

4.3  7 Man Taxi-Squad

Once final 49 man active rosters have been submitted in early August a committee will then identify all remaining free agents with their actual NFL affiliations.

This data will be distributed to membership and teams will create a 7 man taxi-squad from their “namesake” team (DET *ISFL* will select 7 players from DET *NFL*).

Commissioner will call for these taxi-squad lists and add them to rosters prior to start of regular season.

Of note:

Unowned F/A’s who played on multiple NFL teams, will be examined and affiliation determined as follows;

1. Majority of snaps/play time with one club over another.

2. When unclear (several players have very brief resumes), their affiliation will be determined by
last NFL team played for.

This 7 Man Taxi-Squad may be used without restriction,
but position minimum rules must be addressed by 49 man active roster.

No trading of these players as they revert to F/A pool upon season completion.


5.1 Game Reports

Each member is required to send, via E-mail, a game report for their home game, consisting of:

Expanded boxscore and play-by-play in a text file
Game export in a zip file
A short writeup of the game

This must be sent to the ISFL mailing list.  Game reports are to arrive each week by 10:00 PM Eastern time on Monday following the games.


Any manager may protest to the ISFL Review Board any loss which the  manager feels resulted directly from negligence on the part of the opposing manager.  Managers should try to settle all protests by mutual consent prior to filing a formal protest with the ISFL Review Board.

If a member elects to protest the result of a game, the member must send to the Commissioner, Conference Presidents, the Review Board members, and the home manager an explanation of the protest as well as all documentation regarding the protested game.  Protests must be filed by 10:59 p.m. Pacific Time on the Monday following the Tuesday that the ISFL Newsletter reports the game being protested.

The Review Board shall then request a statement from the home manager regarding the protest.  The Review Board shall then review all evidence and vote on the protest.  If a Review Board member believes that negligence did occur and that there is reasonable doubt that the home team would have won the game if there had been no negligence, the member should vote in favor of upholding the protest.  A unanimous vote is required to uphold the protest.

The Review Board shall issue a ruling on the protest within two weeks from the date the protest was filed.

The Review Board, upon upholding the protest, may require a game be replayed either in its entirety or from the time of the protest.

No league member may rule on a protest involving his own team.  If a Review Board member is involved in a protest, he shall be replaced first by the League President and finally by the Commissioner.


There are very few ways to be sanctioned in our league, we have very good owners who do what they are supposed to and treat each other fairly.  Unfortunately there are times when they are called for and this section will lay them out.  


Any time a home team does not play a game by the deadline they will be penalized a draft pick.  The first offense is a loss of a 2nd round pick, the second offense is a loss of a 1st round pick and a third offense will result in the commissioner reviewing that owners status in the league with expulsion being the probable result.


The league will strictly enforce late contacts with home teams being required to email their opponent and CC the league president by Tuesday of each week during the regular season and visiting teams being required to respond to their opponent and the league president no later than Wednesday of each week.  Teams who are late, get a warning the first time, lose a 5th round pick the second time, a 4th round pick the third time, a 3rd round pick the fourth time (lost picks are cumulative) and if there is a fifth time (that's a third of your games) you will lose your team.

If one team can not make a game in any week, the team who is available to play has two options:

1) find a stand-in to play their opponents team for that week from the associates or other league members  2) the game will be simulated by the commissioner with computer coaches from both teams. 

Teams may miss playing 2 games hth during the season and without penalty (in a dispute, commissioner will decide who is penalized). The third game missed the coach gets a warning, fourth game missed you lose a 4th round pick, fifth game missed you lose a 3rd round pick (lost picks are cumulative) and if you miss a sixth game your ownership will be reviewed by the league and unless the circumstances are extraordinary you will likely lose your team.


This is one thing that will not be tolerated.  It's not really possible to legislate against running up the score, games do get out of hand sometimes no matter how hard the winning team tries to keep the score down. All we ask is that when you feel you have a game in hand (ie up 4 TDs or more in the 2nd half) please refrain from throwing bombs or using tons of blitzes on defense.  This is just fair play and you will be rewarded someday for it :O)  On the flip side, if you're the team on the losing end, be a good sport and don't berate the other coach over the chat link, that is equally bad form and won't be tolerated.  We are trying to have fun here and it can be done if both sides do their part.  Now, with that all said, if I continually get email about a certain person running up the scores or about a person being a poor loser I'm going to have a talk with you and we'll find out what is going on and I will be sure that the complaints stop one way or another.  This same thing goes for any other contacts involving players, trades or drafting speed.  There are two people in charge of the league, the commissioner and the president and if someone needs talking to they are the ONLY ones who will do so.


All rules of football and the Action PC computer football game will apply except where noted below.


Home Field Advantage will be used in all head to head games except for the Super Bowl which will be played on a neutral field. 

Home Field Advantage will be set to 3 for all games for the entire season except the Super Bowl which will be played on a neutral field.


For our leagues purposes all injuries will be treated as per week, which means a player will heal 1 game for each week he doesn't play including bye weeks.


Season usage will be as follows:
Mild - 110%
Moderate - 115%
Major - 120%


These post season settings will not affect multi game injuries in anyway and regular season injuries will still carry over as necessary. 
"Limit Games Missed to Real Life Total" remains checked for the entire season and playoffs.

Single game playoff usage will be as follows:
Mild - 10%
Moderate - 20%
Major - 30%



Old 3.2.2  Inactive Roster

Each team may carry an inactive roster.  Players who are on a team's roster one season, then not rated the next season, may be placed on that team's Inactive Roster. A player may only stay on an inactive roster for one season, after that to keep them they must be moved to the active roster or released.  Each team's inactive roster will be published to the league, and any of these players may be claimed by other teams. If more than one team puts a claim on a player on another team's inactive roster, the team with the worst record the past season will get the claim. The team who put the player on the inactive roster may retain that player by placing him on its' active roster. If that team chooses not to do so, that player becomes property of the claiming team, who then must place that player on its' active roster.  This will happen just before teams have to cut down to 53 players for the regular season.

Old Schedule Formula
1st place team - 6 division games, 2 games vs 1st and 2nd place all other divisions.

2nd place team - 6 division games, 2 games vs 1st and 3rd place all other divisions.
3rd place team - 6 division games, 2 games vs 2nd and 4th place all other divisions.
4th place team - 6 division games, 2 games vs 3rd and 4th place all other divisions.


Following the 2003 draft the ISFL will expand by 4 teams to bring the league membership to 28 teams.  The four teams will be dispersed throughout the 6 divisions by the commissioner with league balance the number one priority.  The 4 new teams will not begin play until the 2004-2005 season, but we will have the new owners in place so that they may begin to plan their teams ahead of time and be ready for the expansion draft following the 2003-2004 season.

5.1 Expansion Formula

Step 1 - Each new owner will pick one of the existing NFL franchises that is
not yet a member of the ISFL.  They will be awared all players from that roster
who are not drafted in the 2003 draft as a starting pool of players.

Step 2 - Following the 2003 draft a dispersal draft will be held.  Each of the 4
teams will pick 10 players from those not drafted in the 2003 draft to add to
their pool of players they had in Step 1. 

Step 3 - Immediately following the 2003-2004 season playoffs  all ISFL teams
will be required to submit a protection list consisting of 15 players and not to
include more than 1 QB and 1 RB (regardless of what you may have lost in
past expansion drafts).  There will be no trading before protection lists are due
as teams will have 3 years to prepare for this expansion and we want these teams
competitive out of the gate.

Step 4 - The expansion draft will be held before the ratings come out in late
February.  Each of the 4 teams will pick 18 players from the pool of players
left available by each team.  This draft will be in reverse order of the draft
held in Step 2.  Each existing ISFL team will lose 3 players at which time
their team can no longer be drafted from.

Step 5 - The 4 new teams will draft in the 2004 rookie/free agent draft and
they will be placed in the draft order through a lottery with the 12 non-playoff
teams from the 2003-2004 season then being placed in order around them.

 - Draft lottery - the four expansion teams will each have chances at the 1st
   thru 16th slots in the first round of the draft per the list below:

   1st - 1 chance
   2nd - 1 chance
   3rd - 2 chances
   4th - 3 chances
   5th - 4 chances
   6th - 4 chances
   7th - 5 chances
   8th - 5 chances
   9th - 5 chances
 10th - 5 chances
 11th - 4 chances
 12th - 4 chances
 13th - 3 chances
 14th - 2 chances
 15th - 1 chance
 16th - 1 chance

In round 2 the expansion teams will reverse their order of picks and will continue
to do so until the draft is complete.

Step 6 - The 4 new teams will continue to draft until they have 53 rated players on
their roster, at which time they will be finished drafting for that season and be
 ready for play in the 2004-2005 ISFL season.


When a player has reached his actual number of games missed in the previous NFL season, the commissioner will change his durability to a 5 for the remainder of the season. 

This will be managed similar to injury replacements.  When a team owner knows a player has missed a number of games in the ISFL season equal to what he missed in the previous NFL season, you must email Jeff Shelton at to report this.  Jeff will then verify this through the game and at the end of each week will give the commissioner a list of players who need their durability to be adjusted.  This is totally up to each owner to manage on their own, if you choose not to use this, that is only on you and is your choice.  The cutoff to send these to Jeff will be Sunday night of each week by midnight eastern.  He will then send his list to the commissioner on Monday and the changes will be reflected in the next set of league files.


A player may only play a position for which he is rated.  Players may play out of position ONLY if injuries leave you without a rated player to play that position.

Old 3.3.3 Waivers

After preseason cuts are made there will be a 3 day waiver period where teams will have an option to pick up players cut by other teams.  Only non-playoff teams will participate in waiver pick ups.  Priority will be given in the same order as the draft from that same season and each team may pick up to 3 players on waivers.  Any teams who are tied in the standings will alternate picks until they both are done or reach 3, whichever comes first.  As a team picks up a player from the waiver wire, they must release a player who would then be eligible to be picked up by another team picking after them.

Season usage will be left on for the playoffs and the following change will be made to the rules for the playoffs:

Under Organize> Rules> MISC> Season Length the following settings will be changed for the playoffs:
            Season Length 17 for Wild Card Playoffs Round
            Season Length 18 for Division Playoff Round
            Season Length 19 for Conference Championships
            Season Length 20 for Super Bowl


Any player who opted out in the 2020 NFL season can be put on this list by a team who owns them for the ISFL 2021 season only.


These rules will be revisited after the season to decide if they are necessary and will have to be voted in again if we determine it is necessary to continue them.


For the 2021 season only, the active roster will be raised to 52 players for the 2022 season only.


Reserve list is expanded to 6 players for the 2022 season only.

4.3 Signing Free Agents During the Season

If a player has an injury for 2 or more games the owner can sign a player from the free agent pool to replace that player who goes on the Injured Reserve List.  For place kickers and punters, if they are hurt for 1 game, then you may sign a player to replace them for that one game.  The player who is signed stays with the team ONLY until the injured player returns to action, at which time the free agent goes back into the free agent pool and someone else can pick him up if needed.  The free agent can only be signed in the week that the injured player is hurt and the owner must send the League President his selection by the games deadline on Monday evening.  After that deadline the team can no longer claim a free agent, even if the player is injured long term so make sure you send me your signing right away.  If more than one team wants to sign a player the team who is lower in the standings (or last years standings for the first 4 weeks of the season) will get the player and I'll give the other team the chance to sign someone else.    

Injury replacements may only be made for the same position as the player injured with some exceptions as listed below:

PK, P, S, CB, QB may only replace the same position.
OC, OG, OT can be replaced by any player who has the same position or has multiple positions where one is the same (ie OC/OG can replace either an OC or an OG).
RB, WR, TE can replace any RB, WR, TE
DT, DE can be relace by any player who has the same position or has multiple positions where one is the same (ie DL can replace either DT or DE, DE/OLB can replace DE).
ILB, OLB can be replaced by same position OR LB.





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