Teams that have lost 2 players:
Teams that are Closed Out: Arizona, Atlanta, Buffalo, Carolina, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Green Bay, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Miami, Minnesota, New England, NY Giants, New York Jets, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa Bay, Tennessee

  Team Player/Team   Team Player/Team
1 Detroit Lions David Carr, New England 37 Houston Texans Anthony Simmons, NY Jets
2 New Orleans Saints Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, St. Louis 38 San Diego Chargers Jeff Hartings, Philadelphia
3 San Diego Chargers Jake Delhomme, Dallas 39 New Orleans Saints Keyshawn Johnson, Pittsburgh
4 Houston Texans Jeff Backus, Cleveland 40 Detroit Lions Josh Reed, Philadelphia
5 Houston Texans Ahmed Plummer, Minnesota 41 Detroit Lions Duane Clemons, Denver
6 San Diego Chargers Brian Westbrook, Buffalo 42 New Orleans Saints Warrick Dunn, Carolina
7 New Orleans Saints Quincy Carter, St. Louis 43 San Diego Chargers Hugh Douglas, Pittsburgh
8 Detroit Lions Peter Warrick, Minnesota 44 Houston Texans Mushin Muhammad, Carolina
9 Detroit Lions Philip Buchanon, St. Louis 45 Houston Texans Pete Kendall, Tampa Bay
10 New Orleans Saints LJ Shelton, Seattle 46 San Diego Chargers Mark Fields, San Francisco
11 San Diego Chargers Rod Gardner, NY Jets 47 New Orleans Saints Reggie Howard, Green Bay
12 Houston Texans Patrick Ramsey, Arizona 48 Detroit Lions David Barrett, Chicago
13 Houston Texans Shawn Barber, Philadelphia 49 Detroit Lions Ryan Denney, Chicago
14 San Diego Chargers Donte Stallworth, Dallas 50 New Orleans Saints Toniu Fonoti, New England
15 New Orleans Saints Denard Walker, Dallas 51 San Diego Chargers John Engelberger, Green Bay
16 Detroit Lions Ruben Brown, Buffalo 52 Houston Texans Tyrone Poole, Carolina
17 Detroit Lions Cosey Coleman, Minnesota 53 Houston Texans Bobby Engram, Chicago
18 New Orleans Saints Damien Woody, Buffalo 54 San Diego Chargers Jason Fabini, Atlanta
19 San Diego Chargers Daryl Gardner, Tampa Bay 55 New Orleans Saints Chad Bratzke, San Francisco
20 Houston Texans John Tait, Denver 56 Detroit Lions Damian McIntosh, Tennessee
21 Houston Texans Bert Berry, Green Bay 57 Detroit Lions Fred Miller, Kansas City
22 San Diego Chargers Shawn Springs, Seattle 58 New Orleans Saints Earl Holmes, Tampa Bay
23 New Orleans Saints TJ Duckett, Seattle 59 San Diego Chargers Billy Miller, Kansas City
24 Detroit Lions Akin Ayodele, Atlanta 60 Houston Texans Michael Lewis, Indianapolis
25 Detroit Lions Ryan Sims, NY Giants 61 Houston Texans RW McQuarters, Indianapolis
26 New Orleans Saints Lance Schulters, NY GIants 62 San Diego Chargers Wali Rainer, Tennesee
27 San Diego Chargers Shaun Williams, NY Giants 63 New Orleans Saints Mike Maslowski, Denver
28 Houston Texans Jerome Bettis, San Francisco 64 Detroit Lions Scott Player, Arizona
29 Houston Texans Deon Grant, Pittsburgh 65 Detroit Lions Chad Lewis, Miami
30 San Diego Chargers Leonard Davis, New England 66 New Orleans Saints Jeff Zgonina, Kansas City
31 New Orleans Saints Kenyatta Walker, Atlanta 67 San Diego Chargers Matt Lehr, Tennessee
32 Detroit Lions Matt Bowen, Indianapolis 68 Houston Texans Mark Brunell, Jacksonville
33 Detroit Lions Tedy Bruschi, Jacksonville 69 Houston Texans Matt Schobel, Miami
34 New Orleans Saints Antwaan Randle-El, Cleveland 70 San Diego Chargers Kim Herring, Miami
35 San Diego Chargers Reggie Wayne, NY Jets 71 New Orleans Saints James Thrash, Jacksonville
36 Houston Texans James Farrior, Cleveland 72 Detroit Lions Keion Carpenter, Arizona


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